Linguistics Workshops for Auslan Teachers

deafConnectEd (formerly the Centre of Excellence for Students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing at NMIT) is offering a series of workshops for Auslan teachers in conjunction with NMIT. The workshops will be taught by Assoc. Professor Adam Schembri and will cover the following topics: 10 May:  General Issues in Sign Language Linguistics and Auslan … Read more

deafConnectEd is committed to supporting interpreters working in the Vocational Education and Training sector. Our CABS mentoring and skill development program has had a great start with our three mentees recently matched with an experienced mentor for the year ahead. Our mentees will also be working with Julie Judd on an individual development plan for … Read more

deafConntectEd is pleased to announce that an online introductory course for notetakers is now available! Notetaking is a support service that is particularly important for students who are deaf or hard of hearing, although unfortunately, no formal training is currently available for people interested in becoming a notetaker. This course was designed to address this … Read more

Stephanie and Gabrielle returned safely home after a long trip to Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney and back to Melbourne. They hosted two focus groups in each city: one focus group for deaf consumers of Auslan translations available online and one focus group for deaf and hearing Auslan translation practitioners. A whopping twenty hours of film … Read more

Do you want to see improved Auslan translations online? Do you have experience creating Auslan translations for online? We are calling for participants in a research project which aims to create national standards for English to Auslan translations that are made available online, as well as guidelines for translation production. The project has received funding … Read more

deafConnectEd (formerly the Centre of Excellence) was delighted to be awarded a grant from the Australian Consumer Communications Action Network (ACCAN) to develop national standards and guidelines to provide a benchmark for practitioners of English to Auslan translations that are being placed on websites across Australia. The funds were awarded to us as leaders of … Read more

NMIT (Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE) has signed a new contract for the delivery of Auslan training. This new training initiative, announced yesterday by the Minister for Higher Education and Skills, Peter Hall, will be a key strategy towards addressing the critical shortage of Auslan interpreters in Victoria. Read the media release.

The Centre for Excellence for Students who are Deaf and Hard of hearing recently celebrated its 20th anniversary and launch of a new name and logo. Established in 1993, the Centre of Excellence (now renamed ‘deafConnectED – Partners in Learning Success’) was originally responsible for providing educational programs for students who are deaf or hard … Read more