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deafConntectEd is pleased to announce that an online introductory course for notetakers is now available!Notetaking image

Notetaking is a support service that is particularly important for students who are deaf or hard of hearing, although unfortunately, no formal training is currently available for people interested in becoming a notetaker. This course was designed to address this gap and covers the following topics:

  • Study notes – who uses them and for what purpose?
  • The ‘how’ of good quality notes
  • The role and responsibilities of the notetaker

Although the course is not accredited and so cannot count towards a formal program of study, it does provide you with a good introduction to what is involved in notetaking and the opportunity to develop and practice your skills through structured, self-directed activities. Similarly, the course uses examples from the post-secondary education sector, however the issues and principles would be applicable to other areas of work, including secondary education.

A number of downloadable resources have also been provided.

Most importantly: the course is completely free and can be done online, in your own time.

Click on the following to watch two experienced notetakers talking about how they got involved and what they like about their work:

Interested in learning more? To register for the course, contact your Disability Liaison Officer or contact us at deafConnectEd. We can register you individually, or if you are a member of a team, we can organise a group registration. Just contact us to discuss your options.

Further resources will also be developed in 2015, so watch this space!