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Every person in Australia has human rights.

If you are in a situation when you feel you are discriminated against or feel you are denied your rights, you can
advocate for yourself or you can make a complaint.

This page has a list of organisations, websites and information that you can refer to about your rights in education, work and in other areas if you feel you are discriminated against. This also includes links to websites where you can make a complaint.


Deaf Victoria is a deaf organisation advocating for the deaf and hard of hearing community in Victoria. They also can provide advice, training and referrals. You can contact Deaf Victoria to gain help in any area – education, employment, sports, recreation, health care and more.

Click here to go to their website and to contact.

The video is a short guide to advocacy for people who are deaf or hard of hearing, produced by Deaf Victoria with the assistance of deafConnectEd.

Your human rights


Click here to watch the interview with Alastair McEwin, Australia’s Disability Discrimination Commissioner.

Here are organisations that you can get full information and make a complaint to. These organisations focus on human rights:

Australia Government

Australia is the website that has a full list of national and state organisations that you can make a complaint to.

Australian Human Rights Commission

Australian Human Rights Commission - Disability Discrimination explains what is disability discrimination and answers questions about discrimination, harassment and complaints. 

Alastair McEwin is the Australian Disability Commissioner for AHRC. He is deaf and communicates in Auslan. 

Click here to see the types of complaints you can send to AHRC and make a complaint. 

Click here to make a complaint to AHRC.

Click here to learn more about complaints under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 at AHRC.

Watch Jacob's Story in Auslan and Captions

Disability Discrimination Act 1992

Disability Discrimination Act 1992 is legislation to ensure equal opportunities for people with a disability in all areas of life:

Watch Jacob's fight Story in Auslan and Captions

Disability Services Commissioner

Disability Services Commissioner is an organisation that accepts complaints about any Victorian disability services.

Click here to see the Auslan video.

Equal Opportunity Act 2010

Demo Content

Hospital Access & Communication

Signs For Health is a website to improve Auslan and communication access in hospitals in Victoria.

Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission

Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission is an organisation that can provide education, consultancy, workshops and monitoring on discrimination, victimisation, sexual harassment, racial or religious vilification, equal opportunity and the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities.

You can make a complaint online here.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

There are 12 Auslan videos to explain the rights of people with disabilities on the website.

Click here to see the Auslan videos.

Your rights to education

Disability Discrimination Act – Education Standards Website
This website is for people with a disability, an associate of a person with a disability, or a person involved in the delivery of education. It does not cover the full detail of the DDA Education Standards, just the more important parts of the Standards. Information is in English with Auslan.

Click here to go to the website.

Your legal rights

Youth Central has many resources on different types of legal law:

  • Consumer
  • Dealing with the Police
  • Discrimination & harassment
  • Employee
  • Legal Advice
  • Making a Complaint
  • Privacy
  • Sexual Assault
  • Victim of crime
  • Voting
  • Youth

Click here to go the website for more information about any of these legislation.

Legal Aid explains what legal rights and responsibilities young people have in Victoria.

Auslan Videos

How to Vote in Victoria (CC)

Resolving disputes (CC)

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