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In 2012 the Centre of Excellence for Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing established the Central Auslan Booking Service (CABS), providing an Auslan interpreter service specifically for the Vocational Education and Training sector in Victoria. CABS facilitated thousands of hours of interpreting each year and worked closely with the interpreting sector to support the profession, especially newly qualified interpreters. We delivered professional development activities and established a Mentor and Coaching program.
In 2021, CABS evolved again by migrating to the educational interpreting service provided by Expression Australia, with whom we continue to work closely.

deafConnectEd continues to support educational interpreters by supporting workshops and developing resources, some of which are provided here.


Educational Signbank

deafConnectEd has developed this project over many years with the aim of developing a toolbox of language resources relating to education, including definitions of educational terms in Auslan.

Visit our Educational Signbank page for more:

Auslan interpreter development resources

We also encourage all interpreters to continue to develop their professional skills and have compiled a list of development resources that may be useful when you are looking to develop your skills.

Do you know any other resources that could be good to share with your colleagues? Let us know so we can keep expanding this list.

Australian Sign Language Interpreters Association (ASLIA
We also strongly recommend all practising interpreters consider membership of ASLIA and to get involved in their state branch ASLIA Victoria for news, professional development, networking and mentoring opportunities.

ASLIA has also shared an extensive range of videos in Auslan with deaf and hearing presenters about a range of topics relating to interpreting: