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deafConnectEd (formerly the Centre of Excellence for Students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing at NMIT) is offering a series of workshops for Auslan teachers in conjunction with NMIT.

The workshops will be taught by Assoc. Professor Adam Schembri and will cover the following topics:

  • 10 May:  General Issues in Sign Language Linguistics and Auslan Teaching (SASS, Handling and Depicting Signs)
  • 14 June:  Sign Language Phonology (Sign Structure) and Auslan Teaching
  • 26 July:  Hands on workshop focussing on the skills learned in the previous two workshops
  • 20 September:  Sign Language Vocabulary and Auslan Teaching
  • 18 October:  Sign Language Syntax (Sign Sentence Structure) and Auslan Teaching
  • 6 December:  Assessment and Benchmarking of Auslan Skills

They are open to all Auslan teachers and will be taught in Auslan.

Cost: $40 each or $200 for all six. A flier advertising the workshops and a registration form can be found here: Auslan Linguistics PD series flyer.