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You can decide how you would like to manage your study, work and life. It’s completely up to you.  There are four ways you can study: full time, part time, a short course or online.

To decide which option is best for you, think about these questions:

  • How many hours can you study every week?
  • Do you want a qualification or do you want to learn for fun?
  • How much support do you need to study?
    Do you need more time to learn the subject?
  • Financial support
    Can you support yourself?
    Do you need extra money to study?
  • Life commitments
    What are your current commitments including family, work, caring duties?

Full Time Study Mode

Full time study means three or four subjects per semester. This is roughly 40 hours per week of study. This is the number of hours recommended by all educational institutions if you want to do well in your course.

Part Time Study Mode

Part time study means one to two subjects per semester. This is roughly 20 hours per week.


Online courses allow people to study online anywhere and almost at any time.

People study online for fun or to get qualifications. Some online courses are free and some are paid. Online courses can range from short courses to accredited 3 year courses from TAFEs, private colleges and universities.

Be careful when you pick an online course. Some online courses are not real – some pretend to be courses to steal money! 

Click here to learn more about online courses in Australia.
Click here for a checklist to ensure the course is for you and it is legit.
Click here to see a list of courses available in Australia.

Short Course

Short courses can range from 2 hours to 6 months. Some courses are free and some charge a fee. Short courses are a good way to see if you are really interested in the area before you do more study.

Short courses are often not accredited. 

Any one can do a short course.

Enrol ASAP!

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