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Students and working professionals sometimes decide to take time off to travel. Travelling can be a good break from study or work, to explore different cultures, learn new things or just to relax!

In Australia, most tertiary students have
3 month study break every year

from December to February.

Most working professionals have
four weeks of paid leave every year.
For more information about holidays for working professionals, click here to go to Fair Work Ombudsman website.

Why travel?

  • To experience something different
  • Learn different cultures and languages
  • To learn more about yourself
  • To improve your mental health and wellbeing
  • Meet people
  • To have fun
  • For study purposes
  • For work purposes
  • Maybe for no reason too!

Deaf Travel

There are also deaf travelling blogs that you can follow:

Bali Deaf Guide

Deaf Lonely Planet

Deaf Travel Group (Facebook)

Discovering Deaf Worlds

Hands On Travel

Seek the World (ASL)

There are many more on websites and on social media – you can choose which to follow and get more information.

Help! I’ve been bitten by the travel bug

Vicdeaf organised 6 workshops for Transition program called Beyond High School. Matthew from Deaf Children Australia focuses on gap year opportunities, and accessible tours. Click here to see all other workshops.

Ways to travel

For students, there are four main types of travelling. Click on any of the below to learn more about a particular type of travelling:

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