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deafConnectEd can provide onsite professional development for staff who work with or support students who are deaf and hard of hearing.There is usually no fee for this service.

Professional development includes general information about deafness and hearing loss, tips and strategies for effective communication and the opportunity to explore more specific areas of interest. Handouts and links to further information are also provided.

All training is tailored to meet your needs and can include a combination of the following areas of interest:

Deafness and hearing impairment:

  • differences and similarities
  • levels of hearing loss
  • communication methods used by people with a hearing loss
  • common myths about hearing loss

Teaching strategies for the classroom – guided group discussion giving experienced staff the opportunity to share their experience with other staff on topics such as:

  • communication strategies for 1-1 or group discussions
  • classroom set up
  • lesson planning and delivery
  • reasonable adjustment and assessment

Assistive and other technologies:

  • audio loop
  • captioning and subtitling of video resources
  • live captioning in the classroom
  • telecommunications options including mobiles, national relay service
  • Skype including video remote interpreting

Organisational services to support students:

  • study skills
  • literacy support
  • tutorial support

English and Auslan (Australian Sign Language):

  • similarities and differences
  • why literacy in English is an issue for some deaf students
  • fingerspelling
  • survival Auslan skills– some basic, useful signs for teaching and administrative staff

Working with interpreters and notetakers in the classroom:

  • roles and responsibilities of support staff
  • tips for effective team work
  • video remote interpreting

To discuss your training needs, please contact us.