A photographic dark room. A student who is deaf and has to be able to see her Auslan interpreter. How is this going to work?

That’s just one of the scenarios we have explored with teachers in our deafness awareness training sessions. It may seem like a challenge to begin with, but with some general information about deafness and a little planning, the teaching team came up with a number of ideas to discuss with the student, making it possible for her to participate fully and achieve her study goals.


Our services to you include:

Telephone advice
If you have any questions, talk to your Disability Liaison Officer but you can also call us. Our staff have a wealth of experience on issues relating to deafness and hearing loss. We can therefore offer practical suggestions for reasonable adjustment in the classroom and information about support services such as Auslan interpreters and notetakers.

Information sessions for teachers and administrators
Deafness and hearing loss are not always well understood and having an Auslan interpreter in the classroom for the first time can seem a challenge. Our short, tailored information sessions therefore provide staff with the opportunity to ask questions, clarify expectations and develop practical skills for an inclusive classroom. Sessions are delivered on site at no cost to the training provider. Contact your Disability Liaison Officer or call us to discuss your needs.

NEW! Pilot online Deafness Awareness unit for teachers and trainers
Just found out you will have a student who is deaf or hard of hearing in your class? You may have a lot of questions! This structured online resources answers your key questions with the opportunity to drill down to more information and links to external resources. This is very much a work in progress so we would love your feedback on this pilot version. To access the online resource click here.


Although your Disability Liaison Officer will usually be your first point of contact about a student who is deaf or hard of hearing, the following resources may be useful:

The following short videos may also be of interest:

This is a short video for teachers on working with a deaf or hard of hearing student in the classroom (6 mins)

Although this presentation discusses interpreting in the primary and secondary education sector in the USA, many of the issues will be common to any teaching environment (9 mins).

The following simulations may also be useful when considering the potential impact of hearing loss on participation in classroom discussion and activities:

The following videos may also be useful when discussing employment options with students: