Educational Signbank (2015-2022)

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Following a successful pilot project in 2015 with automotive signs, deafConnectEd has continued to receive grants from the Victorian Government to research additional entries to Signbank, focusing on disciplines that are of high demand for deaf students in the VET sector.

This has included language relating to hospitality, language, literacy and grammar, workplace health and safety, the NDIS and community services. The language relating to student health and wellbeing is a current area of research.

Information videos about Signbank have also been produced.

These opportunities benefit deaf students who are studying in VET, interpreters who work in these disciplines, as well as people interested in the Educational Signbank topics.  The project continues to involve deaf subject matter experts as well as interpreters, and aims to develop a library of subject-specific signs for the Signbank website. A definition in Auslan is also created for each concept.

It is important to note that the project will not create new signs, but aims to collect what is already in use by deaf people students and deaf professionals.

Existing Educational Signbank content can be found here.