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These two modules were developed for anyone interested in or already working as a notetaker, with a particular focus on notetaking for students who are deaf or hard of hearing. Both modules provide valuable information, practice activities and resources.

Feedback has been extremely positive, with more than 200 people now registered:startup-593322_1280

The format is excellent, especially the use of videos and student/note takers perspective. Activity 3 along with the example note taking & observations were outstanding. The tips at the end were great. (Disability Liaison Officer)

I found the introductory course covered everything that a new notetaker needed to get started. As I work in a high school setting there are slight differences but there was enough information there to help develop skills and to address issues that sometimes arise, such as classroom participation. (Notetaker)

I completed the Notetaking course and found it very informative, well-structured and full bodied indeed. It is quite overwhelming as I have not actually worked as a Notetaker at all, but the tips and realistic pointers from those who have in the videos were very helpful. (Notetaker)

The two modules cover the following topics:

Module 1 – Notetaking for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students:

  • Study notes – who uses them and for what purpose
  • The ‘how’ of good quality notes
  • Understanding hearing loss
  • Notetaker role and responsibilities

Module 2 – The practice of Notetaking:

  • Electronic notetaking
  • Ethical boundaries
  • Establishing a good working relationship
  • OH&S and tips for self care

Both modules also provide:

  • video interviews with students and experienced notetakers sharing their perspectives and tips for newer notetakers
  • structured activities that look at the many skills involved in good notetaking, including listening, memory and writing skills
  • links to key organisations
  • suggested further reading

Some further information that may also be useful:

  • there is no fee for accessing these modules
  • both modules are delivered fully online so you can choose the activities you wish to undertake in your own time and at your own pace. (Past participants spent between one and four hours on the first module.)

Please note: all the activities in these units are designed as student directed learning. There are no formal assessment activities and so we are not able to provide evidence of completion or attainment.

Interested in accessing these modules or just learning more? Contact deafConnectEd. To enrol, we only need your full name and an email address. If you are an existing student at Melbourne Polytechnic, let us know, and we can add these units to your existing Moodle study options. It’s that simple!