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Do you know someone who has always wanted to learn Auslan but never known where to start?

Victorian Auslan Training Consortium logo

www.timetosign.com.au is the new website for people in Victoria who are interested in learning Auslan. Established by the Victorian Auslan Training Consortium (VATC) the site includes information about courses, links to online resources and a growing list of videos in Auslan.

Here is an example of one of the Auslan videos (with the English text provided below).

The VATC was established in 2012 to ensure the continuation of Auslan training in Victoria. The first group of students commenced at Melbourne Polytechnic (previously NMIT) in July 2013 and since then the program has continued to grow.

The VATC for Auslan Training and Delivery is comprised of:

  • deafConnectEd – the body that advises the Victorian VET sector to ensure deaf students can participate in studies
  • Melbourne Polytechnic – one of Victoria’s largest TAFE Institutes
  • Vicdeaf, which has provided 130 years of service to the Deaf community in Victoria
  • La Trobe University – experts in sign language, linguistics and Auslan teaching

The aim of the VATC is to deliver accredited, innovative and multi-modal Auslan training in Victoria by skilled teaching staff employed at Melbourne Polytechnic. Its mission is to increase Auslan fluency in Victoria, and support the educational, social and economic inclusion of Victorians who use Auslan as their primary language.