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Interpreters often face the challenge of interpreting complex English terminology that is new to them and their students. Auslan offers an incredible tool box in the form of depicting signs (or classifiers, as they used to be known). The big challenge with depicting signs for those of us who are still learning the language, is seeing examples that we can add to our own repertoire.

Through Educational Signbank we want to create a space where interpreters and deaf students can see suggested ways of describing or representing specialised terminology. This includes a definition of the term in Auslan and plain English and one or two ways of presenting this concept with depicting signs – see the screen grab below for an example of an entry.

Further information can be found here. Then click through to see some of the examples in Signbank signed by Ramas Rentelis.

Alternatively, find the page listed as one of the resources for Auslan interpreters.

deafConnectEd also wants to thank the Victorian College for the Deaf – our partner in this project.

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