Central Auslan Booking Service (CABS)

 If you need assistance using CABS either call us on 9269 8308 or take a quick look at the manual.


“It gave me a sense of community . . .” Mentee, October 2013

Starting out as a newly accredited interpreter is always challenging and the work can be isolating. For that reason, in 2013, we piloted the CABS Mentor and Coaching Program, to better support those interpreters who are new to interpreting and interested in the educational sector. The program continued with a new intake of mentees in 2014, 2015 and 2017 with overwhelmingly positive feedback:

“I loved the individual meetings with my mentor. I got so much support, feedback, knowledge as well as debriefing skills . . . It was great to be able to go back to my mentor and share information I learned in workshops and discuss it further.” Mentee, October 2013

“I’ve really appreciated having a go-to person to lead me as I continue to navigate may was as a new interpreter. Interpreting is such a challenging field in many ways, with so many possibilities in any interpreting situation and there are so many skills that are not readily taught in a classroom. Having the structured support of more experienced interpreters in this way is a life-saver.”  Mentee, May 2017.

We provided interpreters with an individual assessment to help them identify strengths and opportunities for development. They also participated in a series of workshops and regularly meetings with a mentor, who was sponsored to attend ASLIA Victoria’s Mentor training program. Not unexpectedly, mentors also got a lot out of the program:

‘Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of the program. I am still meeting with the mentee now. We decided to continue our meetings and discussions. It has helped me to be more reflective on my own work practice.’ Mentor, July 2013

We are particularly grateful to Julie Judd who worked with deafConnectEd staff to design and deliver the program.



‘I always feel welcome any time I contact CABS. I think the support CABS has for an interpreter is great.’ (CABS interpreter, October 2013)

With 20 years’ experience, we understand the challenges and the rewards of interpreting in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector, so in addition to our friendly staff, we also offer:


Professional development

‘Each time I go to a CABS workshop everything is made more clear! It keeps me on the right track. Thank you!’ (Course participant, June 2013)

CABS provides an annual program of professional development activities designed for interpreters working in the VET sector. Workshops are offered at no cost to interpreters registered with CABS and are advertised throughout the year. Recent workshops have included:

  • Auslan skills – focusing on depicting signs, constructed action and the use of space in Auslan
  • Interpreting VET specific terminology
  • The application of Demand Control Schema to educational interpreting

Attendance also earns NAATI recertification points.

Interpreter Induction

Although employment conditions vary, many training providers require casual interpreters to attend a formal induction in each year of their employment. This can be a time consuming process for both interpreters and the training provider. To streamline this process, we co-ordinate two induction sessions each year. These inductions are held in December and January and are advertised well in advance to all interpreters on the CABS mailing list. Please contact the CABS Booking Officer if you are interested in attending an induction session.

Central Auslan Booking Service (CABS)

CABS is funded by the Higher Education and Skills Group to service the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector across Victoria. Training providers who have used CABS include:

Bendigo TAFE
Box Hill Institute of TAFE
Centre for Adult Education
Chisholm TAFE
Holmesglen TAFE
Melbourne Polytechnic
William Angliss

Bookings advertised through CABS range from VCAL to Advanced Diploma level and subjects vary in their level of specialisation. Bookings include one-off meetings, lectures, tutorials, practical classes in kitchens, workshops or other simulated work environments; excursions and work placements.

If you register with CABS, you will have access to our online booking system and you will be able to express interest in an individual booking or a series of bookings with the same student.

Interpreting in the VET sector is highly rewarding, especially if you have a passion for lifelong learning, acquiring new skills and knowledge, and seeing students succeed!

How to register with CABS

Please contact the CABS Booking Officer to register as a CABS interpreter.

You will be required to show your original NAATI accreditation and Working with Children Check. Some training providers also require a Police Check. We will also require a current CV for our records.

We will provide you with access to the CABS booking system ( once we have cited your documentation. You will then be able to view and tender for interpreting bookings online.

If you need assistance using CABS either call us on 9269 8308 or take a quick look at the manual.

Want to know more? Download the Interpreter Induction Handbook and call the CABS Booking Officer to register and work with CABS.



Educational Signbank
This is a pilot project to develop a toolbox of depicting signs (and Auslan signs where they exist) relating to educational topics. See a definition in Auslan as well as one or more suggestions for how to visually represent the concept.

CABS Interpreter Induction Handbook
This handbook provides information for new and existing interpreters working with CABS.

Auslan interpreter development resources
We also encourage all interpreters to continue to develop their professional skills and so we have compiled a list of development resources that may be useful when you are thinking about your skills.

Do you know any other resources that could be good to share with your colleagues? Let us know and we can keep expanding this list.

Linguistics of Auslan – in Auslan
This is a growing pool of videos about Auslan. Stay tuned for more!

Australian Sign Language Interpreters Association (ASLIA) (
We also strongly recommend all practicing interpreters consider membership of ASLIA and to get involved in their state branch ASLIA Victoria  for news, professional development, networking and mentoring opportunities.