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There are hundreds of courses.
Where do I start?

Here are some ideas for what you can do:

  • Watch our interviews with deaf students below
  • Chat to one of our mentors here
  • See a Career Counsellor at your school, private college, TAFE or university
  • Search courses on www.vtac.edu.au or on Youth Central
  • Try a short course
  • Ask to do some work experience in a area you might be interested in
  • Talk to people you trust and ask them why they chose to their study or their career
  • Think about your favourite subjects and hobbies – do you want to study any of these further? Find out what you like and don’t like. Make a list of your skills.
What was your experience at first day at higher education? (CC)

Advice for Deaf and HoH students (CC)
What you study now? What did you study in the past? (CC)
Deaf Students and their stories (CC)
Deaf Students and their stories (CC)
Difference between school and higher education (CC)
Why you choose this subject? (CC)

“I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do after school, so I thought about my favourite hobbies and realised how much I loved taking photos, so I decided to study photography.”

“I always loved children. Family and friends often ask me to babysit their children, so it made sense to study child care.”

“I am nervous about studying on my own after being supported by teachers of deaf in high school”

“I know I must ask for help, rather than wait for someone to help me”

“I am really excited about TAFE because I finally get to study something that really interest me (mechanic) and it’s what I really want to do in future”

Vicdeaf – Beyond High School Transition Workshop: Further Education (CC)
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Patrick Lane’s study and career journey (CC)
Study support services – how was it arranged? (CC)
A deaf working professional studied online (CC)
Learning more about TAFE (CC)

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