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deafConnectEd is committed to the inclusion and successful outcomes of students who are deaf or hard of hearing in the tertiary education sector. In supporting this commitment, we develop innovative education solutions that enhance inclusion and participation through industry and community partnerships with educators, support staff, students, families and community organisations.

We value:

  • the contribution post-secondary education plays in improving the economic, social and educational potential of learners who are deaf in Victoria
  • our connections and partnerships with the community and education stakeholders that work with people who are deaf in Victoria
  • innovation and creativity in program delivery for learners who are deaf or hard of hearing

We support deaf education by:

  • partnering with schools, community organisations and industry
  • promoting the value of education and innovative tertiary education options
  • delivering educational solutions to the workforce that support the participation of people who are deaf in education, employment and other social and community participation
  • delivering action research projects that strengthen student engagement in learning
  • improving the economic and social participation in society by encouraging realistic career aspirations and sustainable employment options

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In 2022, we will continue to work closely with our partners, including:

  • Deaf Victoria
  • Expression Australia
  • Auslan Consultancy
  • the TAFE Disability Network
  • the Victorian Deaf Education Institute

Our Team

Andrew McQualter Dylan Beasley
Andrew McQualter
Project Officer
Dylan Beasley
Project Officer
Ida Rogers Joe Sabolcec
Ida Rogers
Adult Educator
Joe Sabolcec