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deafConnectEd is partnering with the Melbourne Graduate School of Education at the University of Melbourne to deliver the Auslan breadth subject Auslan and Visual Communication to their undergraduate students. This partnership is from 2014 – 2016 inclusive. Under the Melbourne model offered at the university, all undergraduates are required to take a number of elective subjects.

Students can choose from a range of subjects in addition to their formal program of instruction. Students enrolling in the course are being introduced to visual communication and Auslan for the first time. They are also delving into the linguistic and cultural aspects of Auslan and will develop basic skills in Auslan by the end of their course.

The course contains lectures and workshops on:

  • Auslan and visual communication
  • Auslan linguistics
  • Deaf people and the arts
  • Deaf community, Deaf culture and history
  • Auslan vocabulary and lexicalised signs
  • Deaf people, education, training and minority groups

as well as incursions from the Deaf Arts Network, DeafTV and Deaf Sports Australia.

180 students are participating in this inaugural program with many more people expressing interest and are on a waiting list for a future program.

deafConnectEd wishes to recognise the incredible work put in by our Training Specialist Ross Only-Zerkel who is leading the program and his teaching team. Our thanks also go to Kate Leigh and Linda Byrnes from the University of Melbourne who have worked tirelessly with us to ensure the classroom and delivery logistics of the program were met.