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What is a DLO?

“My DLO was wonderful, making sure I got all support I needed. She even organised tutoring for me straight away when I told her that I was struggling with a subject. After thinking that I would pull out, I am pleased that I stayed and finished the course!”

Disability Liaison Officer (DLO)’s role and duties are:

  • To make sure that the training organisation provide a suitable environment for teaching and learning for students with a disability;
  • To make sure that the students don’t get discriminated against or get harassed;
  • Work closely with students who need support to be able to fully participate in their studies and campus life;
  • Helps  students and teachers work out reasonable adjustments (changes) for example, giving student extra 30 minutes of exam time; and
  • Aim to resolve any issues that come up.

“The room was poorly lit and it caused me eye strain. So I complained to the DLO and she spoke with the staff who were responsible for the building and facilities. The lighting was fixed immediately and now I am able to focus in class without eye strain.”

What support could you ask for?

Support checklist for students when enrolling or meeting with a DLO