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What can deafConnectEd do?

“I wanted to study film-making at a small private training organisation but they never had a deaf student before and refused to provide interpreters and I told them to contact DeafConnectEd. They came back to me saying that they would provide interpreters. Now, I am enrolled and am excited about the course”

We are here to help TAFEs and Private Training Organisations by teaching and helping them to know how to support their deaf and hard of hearing students.

Teachers are highly skilled professionals with important experience and knowledge that they can share with their students. But, some teachers have never met a deaf person before. They may not know how to include a deaf or hard of hearing student in their classroom. They may not know they will need an interpreter or a notetaker, or who to talk to about this.

This is why we are here – to help them to teach and support you better in the classroom.

We can help and support you by:

  • Giving support and information to your DLO and the training organisation where you want to study.
  • Help your teachers to make sure they can teach you in the right way.
  • Help your teachers to understand the best ways for you to learn.
  • Help your teachers understand about literacy (reading and writing) needs of deaf people
  • Help your teachers know how to work with your support team (for example notetakers and interpreters)
  • Provide Deafness Awareness Training to staff and teachers at your training organisation
  • Giving them tips and resources on how to support you better.

We also organise interpreters for TAFEs and Private Training Organisations (if they book us) through our Central Auslan Interpreter Booking Service (CABS).

If you have problems with the support you receive at your TAFE or Private Training Organisation, contact their DLO and tell them to contact deafConnectEd.


Free call helpline service

If you are unsure or nervous about starting your course of study, you can call us for help. We will talk to you and your family and give you suggestions and tips about what you need to think about when you start your course. Click here for our contact details.

Remember: you can ask your teachers or the DLO in your training organisation to call us and we can talk to them about what support we can give them to help you.


Central Auslan Interpreter Booking Service (CABS)

If you need an Auslan interpreter, contact the DLO in your training organisation and ask them to call us. We can book Auslan interpreters, however your training organisation needs to contact us.