Most students, including your deaf student, benefit from the use of visual resources that support their learning.  Indeed, the teaching paradigm of vocational training is one that incorporates visual representation as well as, tangible – or practical – learning as key learning platforms.

With your deaf student, you may need to extend this further, where possible.  In other areas of this website, you will find information that unpacks the reason behind the need for learning to be supported visually.

How you do this can range from some very simple strategies to others that require more additional work on your part.  How far you can extend into some of these suggestions will depend upon a number of factors including the subject content, the type of classroom in which you are teaching as well as your own personal skill set and the resources – including time – available to you.  Do remember that whatever you develop has the potential to support the learning of all of your cohort.

Suggestions include, but are not limited to:

  • providing hard copies of any PowerPoint presentations or overheads that you use to your deaf student
  • providing soft copies of the same to your deaf student
  • create handouts that include subject specific terms and their definitions
  • create – or copy from textbooks – handouts that both describe and show a process, especially one that you may be demonstrating in class
  • similarly, create flow charts or step-by-step instructions of any processes that your student needs to understand, learn and/or replicate
  • using ready-made video clips to demonstrate a process and, if possible, providing this to your deaf student as a digital file
  • creating your own video clips to demonstrate actions or processes that need to be understood, learned and/or replicated (these need not be lengthy; often a single minute is enough to show how something looks start to finish)

deafConnectEd can support you to identify suggestions for your specific delivery area; feel free to contact us by phone on (03) 9269 8306 or email us by filling out the form here.


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