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A student can decide to go on study exchange to another country overseas. There are different types of study exchanges: student exchange, study tour, community service project or internship.

If you want to go on a study abroad program, then ask your educational institution about it. Some educational institutions do not offer this type of program, so make sure you check first.

Who offers Study Abroad Programs

Here are some educational institutions in Victoria that offer a Study Abroad program:

Box Hill Institute

Australian Catholic University

Deakin University 

Monash University

RMIT TAFE and University

Swinburne TAFE and University

University of Melbourne

Victoria University

Types of Study Exchange

Here are four main types of Study Exchanges:

Semester Exchange

Many educational institutions such as universities offer 1 or 2 semester student exchange program at an overseas university or educational institution. If you go to any of your educational institution's partners, then you only pay your course fees.

If you go to a different educational institution, then you may have to pay the full fees of that educational institution.

Study Tour

Study tours are between 2-4 weeks long trips. The study tour can count towards your degree at your educational institution.

Study tours are short trips led by academics related to your course or subject area.

This is a good opportunity to travel in a group and learn more about the subject that you are studying.

Community Service Project

A study exchange can be similar to a volunteering project led by a group of students and academics.

Here is an example from Deakin University.


There are many industries that offer internships for students overseas. This means the student get to work in the area they are studying.

For example:
A student is studying global politics, the student goes to China to learn more about Chinese politics. 

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