For some deaf people, technology that is a personal amplification system may assist receptive communication.  These go by differing names – FM unit, RF unit, auditory loop, etc. – but all are essentially the same.

That is, the speaker uses a special microphone which transmits the signal to a reception coil worn by the hearing aid user and this then transmits the sound directly into the hearing aid, eliminating any background noise.

Sometimes, rooms – especially lecture theatres – have had the special coil placed under the carpeting.  In this instance, the hearing aid user only needs to sit in the “looped” area; the speaker will still need to use the special microphone.

If your deaf student is using oral communication, ask him or her if s/he has this type of technology.  Or, if you are delivering in a lecture theatre, ask your institute if they have a hearing loop installed in the room and if so, where in the room it is.

If your deaf student does use it, you will need to use the microphone, which is frequently a small lapel mic.

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