Some courses of study in vocational education include aspects of the training in an outdoor environment.  Such an environment actually creates unique teacher/student communication issues for all of your students and you most likely already have a set of strategies to manage communication needs.  This may include ways of getting the attention of the students as well as possibly even some of your own unique hand signals to communicate specific things.

Having a deaf student potentially provides you with an opportunity to identify additional attention-getting and communication strategies to your existing ones.

As outdoor learning environments are so different, we recommend that you contact us to discuss yours in order for us to provide you with advice specifically tailored for you and your learning environment.

You can ring us on (03) 9269 8306 or or email us by filling out the form here.

However, if you are wanting some quick ideas, Deaf Sports Australia’s information sheet on modifications can provide you with some suggestions which may work for you (click here).