In the current vocational training sector, this suggestion is potentially a big ask.  The sector has a workforce that is highly casualised and even if you are a contract teacher, to devote additional time, one-to-one with your deaf student, may stretch your available time.

In essence, what is being suggested here is tutoring for your deaf student.  You will find elsewhere on this website factors that contribute to the additional learning support that many deaf students need in order to successfully attain required outcomes.  Briefly, these can include:

  • literacy and numeracy difficulties [more to come]
  • gaps in general knowledge [more to come]

As the person most familiar with the subject as well as the required Learning Outcomes, you are best placed to provide your deaf student with the additional learning support that s/he needs.  However, if it is not possible for you to give your deaf student the additional time, contact the Disability Liaison Officer at your institute and request that a tutor be arranged.