Many factors contribute to the unique communication and learning needs of each individual deaf student.  However, there is one thing that all deaf students have in common.  That is, they can only look at one thing at a time.

This means that taking their own notes during class is simply not possible.  Their eyes cannot be on the teacher to lipread or on the interpreter if they are an Auslan user and on their paper to see what they are writing.

A simple way for you to experience this quandary is to put the news on either the TV or radio and without looking down, write notes about the broadcast.  Even doing this for a few minutes produces a document that is barely useable.  To further your understanding of this, keep the notes and read them again in a week.  Are you able to use them at all to support what you “learned” from the news?

Further information about other teaching and learning implications related to this dilemma is available from this website [see more].


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