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Are you ready to live independently?

It can be fun, but also challenging.

There are lots of information on this page:

  • Moving out
  • Technology
  • Learn to drive a car
  • Home safety
  • Other services

Moving out

Living independently can be a positive and exciting experience.

You get to decide who you can live with or live on your own. You also can decide where you want to live and how you want to live your life.

There are information to know before you move out:

When you live independently, you have to learn to look after yourself well by:

  • Paying your bills on time: electricity, gas, water, internet and phone bills
  • Buy food, cooking and eating healthy food most of the time (check out Auslan Cooking Classes on Facebook)
  • Washing your clothes, dishes and your place
  • Organise technology that you need in your place: deaf smoke alarm, deaf alarm clock, flashing lights, etc.
  • Have a list of services and people to help you in case of emergency
  • Get ready for study and work and arrive on time


Here are organisations that have deaf friendly technology for you to buy and use in your home:

  • Deaf friendly smoke alarm
  • Flashing door bell alert system
  • Vibrating and flashing alarm clock
  • Baby cry alarm
  • Technology to hear telephone, television and more

Vicdeaf $50 Smoke Slarm Subsidy Scheme
You can also buy deaf smoke alarms at Brooks and Hearservice at full price.

Smoke Alarm testimonials (Deaf Society)

Vicdeaf  – Beyond High School Transition Workshop
Hearservice explains different technology that deaf people use in their lives. Click here to see all workshops.

Glossary of Technology terms

Learn to Drive a Car

There are many driving teachers, but very few deaf driving teachers! Walid Masri is deaf and teaches deaf people how to drive in Auslan and in English:

Walid Masri – Cert IV accredited driving instructor
Need for P’s Driving school
0432849884 (SMS only)

The Deaf Society has 6 Auslan videos on safe driving.
Click here 
to see all of these videos.

Home Safety

Deaf Society has made 7 Auslan videos about making your home safe:

  • Introduction
  • Four items to keep your home safe
  • Property inventory – a list of valuable things you own
  • Keep your home safe when planning a holiday
  • Protecting your castle
  • Security Checklist
  • Thinks to avoid

Click here to see all the videos on the website. 


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