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Here are some Auslan videos of different tools and information that may be useful for you:

Auslan Cooking Classes

Auslan Cooking Classes is set up by Kirk and Lana Barnett. This is a good Auslan cooking resource if you want to learn how to cook a few dishes!

Click here to go to the YouTube Channel.


Conexu Foundation


A website with resources for deaf and hard of hearing people to find the latest information on communication technology.

Click here to go to TechFinder YouTube Channel.

Emergency Information

Vicdeaf has set up a website with information about what to do in floods, heatwave, storms and cyclones. There are Auslan videos and English information.

Click here to go to the Deaf Emergency Information website.

Queensland Fire and Rescue Service has produced 10 short Auslan videos about fire safety in and out of the home.

Click here to go to QFRS Catching Fire Series on YouTube.

National Disability Insurance Scheme

In Australia, people with a disability will be able to access funding from the Australian government to provide you access, support and information.

Click here to go to the website for full information.

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