In some learning environments such as workshops, hearing protection is essential when using some equipment.  As you know, this is for Occupational Health and Safety reasons and it is to protect the hearing of the individual using the loud piece of equipment.

It may seem unnecessary, but your deaf student – even if s/he is quite profoundly deaf – needs to also wear ear protection.  Loud noise can still damage your deaf student’s hearing organs resulting in Tinnitus [see more] as well as – if s/he has some residual hearing – damage what hearing s/he has.  You may have to repeatedly remind your deaf student about wearing hearing protection as s/he may feel it is unnecessary.

Worth mentioning here, too, is the importance of your deaf student wearing eye protection.

In workshops, science labs and some other learning (and work) environments, it is a requirement to wear eye protection.  This is essential to ensure all of us protect ourselves against damage to our sight as the result of an accident.  However, at times people – especially learners – are less than heedful about compliance.

As a deaf student’s teacher, it is important that you recognise that wearing eye protection is even more crucial for your deaf student because – regardless of how the student communicates – his or her vision is a vital part of their communication.  If damage occurs to his or her sight, the implications are much further reaching than a hearing student who damages his or her sight.

This is why, if the deaf student is not vigilant themselves, you need to be, ensuring that s/he always wears appropriate eye protection.