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Your mental and physical health are important. This page has information to help you take care of yourself and has links to services. You’ll find information on relationships, physiotherapy, sports and social clubs, bullying, domestic violence and more. You can contact any of these organisations directly.

If you have a medical appointment, bring:

  • Medicare card
  • Health insurance information

Don’t forget to to book Auslan interpreters through NABS!

Health & Relationships

There are lots of information about health and relationships on these websites:
Youth Central – Health and Relationships
Auslan resource – Sexual Health and Sexting (Deaf Society)

Free sexual health checks in Melbourne are available at the Melbourne Sexual Health Centre.
Click here to go to their website for more information.

Vicdeaf – Beyond High School Workshop: Personal Health
Click here to see other workshops in this program.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can be from your partner, sibling, parent or a person you know.

There are deaf and general information on domestic violence for more information:
VAWnet – Deaf Survivors of Domestic and Sexual Violence
Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria
Coming soon – Deaf Survivors of Domestic Violence Australia

The Deaf Society has 6 Auslan videos on domestic violence.
Click here to see all the videos.

Online Safety

You can stay safe and smart online. The Deaf Society has 3 Auslan videos to explain how to stay smart online by protecting your computer, smart behaviors and wireless internet security.

Click here to see all Auslan videos about Staying Smart Online on the Deaf Society website.

Deaf Children Australia also has an Auslan video on staying safe online for young deaf people.

Mental Health & Counselling Services

Depression can affect how you feel about yourself and makes life more difficult to manage every day. It is always a good idea to go see a counsellor or psychologist to recover.

Australia does not accept bullying. If you need help on bullying, please go to a person who you trust for help (parent, friend, teacher, principal, etc) or contact a Counsellor on this page.

You can also call the ambulance via National Relay Service (NRS) if you need help or go to the hospital.

Deaf Counselling Contacts

Karli Health Centre
Karli Dettman (deaf, uses Auslan),
Member Australian Counselling Association (Level 4)
Registered Senior Yoga Teacher and Mentor

0403922245 (SMS only)

The Signs of Life; Deaf, Blind and Deafblind counselling
Dr Alana Roy, Psychologist
Alana is hearing, but has experience working with Deaf, Blind and Deafblind clients.  She has studied Auslan, but can also book an interpreter if you prefer.
0416 869 823

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