Having a deaf student means that you will need to do some things in a different way.  You will need to consider your deaf student’s specific learning, access and support needs as well as possibly approach how you manage your classroom delivery and student assessment differently.

These include:

  • providing either soft or hard copies of your PowerPoint presentations to the student
  • providing either soft or hard copies of your notes or PowerPoint presentations to support staff
  • making some changes to your delivery style to ensure that your classroom is inclusive and accessible to your deaf student [see more]
  • possibly providing tutoring support
  • considering whether you need to adapt your deaf student’s assessment(s)

For support and assistance in addition to the information you find on our website, you can also:

  • contact deafConnectEd on (03) 9269 8306 or email us by filing out a form here
  • contact the Disability Liaison Officer at your institute
  • contact information and training at Vicdeaf on (03) 9473 1111
  • use Google to search such key words as “deafness”, “education”, “deaf participation and access”, etc.