Sam Cartledge

Name: Sam Cartledge

Email address:


Hear For You


High School – College Captain

University of Canberra – 3 yrs Architecture

Hear For You – Mentor and Program Coordinator

Information and Online Media Coordinator – Vicdeaf

What are you passionate about?

Basketball, sports, the outdoors, travel, photography, videography, graphic design

What skills, experience, strengths or knowledge can you offer someone as their mentor?

As a member of the deaf community, I understand where you’re coming from. Your struggles were once mine too. My personal experience includes growing up in a hearing world until 6 years ago, when I discovered that I wasn’t the only one! I am very sociable, laid back yet motivated because I want to make a difference, to help young deaf and hard of hearing teenagers to realise that they can do anything.

Best advice you would give or have been given:

Deafness isn’t a limit, it’s a platform to achieve success.

Most important life lessons learned:

How to live away from home at 18 years old.

Learning from your mistakes.

Talk to your family as often as you can!