Name: Paul Tsinas

Email address:
Workplace: N/A



N.M.I.T. ( Northern Melbourne Insutiute of Tafe ) Relaxation Massage / First Aid Level 2- Certificate IV Massage – Preston

Master of the Building – Certificate III Carpenter – Heidelberg

Batman Tafe ( Broadmeadows Campus ) 1 week course Fork lift Driver Manufacturer Warehouse

Armstrong’s Driver Education M.R. (Medium Rigid) Truck Driver – Automatic & Manumatic

Australian College of Journalism – Online Course & Book Freelance Photojournalism & Private Photoshop Creative / Light room.

Certificate in Digital SLR Photography Online Course ( Dslr Pro Photographer

Work History:

Recycling Cooking Oil Waste – Truck Driver / Van Driver

Auspoly Ptd.Led, Insulation Manufacture – Fork lift , Machine Operate & Maintaining repairing parts and cleaning.

Keg & Swan Restaurant & Bar – Preparing Food, Cooking Chef Training, kitchen Hands, Order Customer, Event.

Sk Kitchens – Cabinet Maker – Power Tools used.

Video Shop ( Video Flash / Top Video Ormond ) – Computer Base, Customer Service, booking movie, re-shelving returns.

Austpost Night Shift Mail Shorter ( Bundoora and Diamond Creek )

What are you passionate about?

Good opportunity to share hobbies, whatever important to life, listing and learn…

What skills, experience, strengths or knowledge can you offer someone as their mentor?

Skills as practice to learn step by step once at time… Experience of my skills an explain how to work on process and do my homework. Strengths to go out and look for their future want and unwanted to communication question to ask about future to be or unable to be. knowledge with my experience what i hear before and time to learn the way. Career Development known mind about future step a time like relationship all day.

Best advice you would give or have been given:

Taking about the career planning, Moving on, knowing yourself, making decisions weather you want to education school or training on job and knowledge the movement skill), Get Goal.

Most important life lessons learned:

Manger the Relationship

Encourages – Support Help, Assistance, Guidance

Nurtures – Growing development and hope

Teaches to learn

Offers mutual respect

Respond to the mentee’s need