Nicollette Simeon

Name: Nicollette Simeon

Email address:

Deaf Children Australia

Mackillop Family Services


Bachelor of Youth Work

Youth Worker

What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about you, your happiness and quality of life. The deaf community is a strong one and it’s big. I’m passionate about my work as a youth worker.

What skills, experience, strengths or knowledge can you offer someone as their mentor?

As a member of the deaf community, I understand where you’re coming from. Your struggles were once mine too, and ones I’ve managed to overcome with enough support, determination and education. This is exactly what I’m here to do for you. I am your personal support group. Let me help you overcome these struggles.

Best advice you would give or have been given:

You’re here for a purpose and you should never give up in life. That’s the only mantra I’ve ever lived by.

Most important life lessons learned:

What can I bring to the table as your mentor? Two decades of overcoming my own fears, disadvantages and struggles and working towards my one goal of being able to help others. This includes completing University and earning my chosen career. Learning to be proud of who you are, is the most important life lesson anyone can teach you. Once you can do that, you can do anything.