James Blyth

Name: James Blyth

Email address: JamesBlyth@mp.edu.au
Workplace: Melbourne Polytechnic – Prahran


– Teaching Auslan for over 15 years.

– Presenting at conferences

– Managing a team of staff

– Providing workshops

– Translation work – English to Auslan

– Filming and editing

What are you passionate about?

Outdoor activities like camping, 4x4ing, mechanical work on cars/motorbikes etc.

What skills, experience, strengths or knowledge can you offer someone as their mentor?

Public speaking, negotiating, conflict resolution, teaching, persuasive communication etc.

Best advice you would give or have been given:

Work to live, not live to work.

Most important life lessons learned:

Life is part of a journey, it’s not worth regretting the past.